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When customer John Coleman approached us with his idea to help those in pain through stand up paddleboarding we were all ears.

John had this idea that the paddleboard and just some good time on the water could be a integral part of a therapeutic program that offers assistance to those living with chronic pain. The program works with people in small groups, participating in physical exercise in a supportive environment, while focusing on the therapeutic benefits of being on the water and the sport of SUP. Groups are adapted to meet most limiting physical and/or emotional challenges, so that every participant is successful.

John Coleman

"Why do SUP for chronic pain?", we asked John. "It is a way to learn to live again, through sports. Many people with chronic pain define themselves by their injury. It is a common end result of living with long-term injuries and disabilities. They often have difficulty engaging with occupational, social, or recreational activities, contributing to isolation, depression and lack of physical conditioning, which in turn can contribute to the experience of pain. Being on the water can help you to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t.", says John

As a recent graduate with a doctorate in psychology, Coleman combined his interest in working with therapy groups and SUP and surfing to create a program to serve those living with chronic pain and physical injuries/disabilities. Having learned to live with pain and permanent disability due to a car accident, he now works to share with others the healing effects of being out on the water and how much quality of life improves with paddling and playing on the water. He has a great team of volunteers including a nurse, expert surfers and stand-up paddle boarders to provide a way to learn to SUP in a supportive environment.

SUP sessions are 2 hours, and end with a group discussion after. Your 1st session is free and continuing is $100/session. To book a Paddle beyond Pain group session, contact John at 415-272-2297 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information, click on the Paddle Beyond Pain Website.

paddle beyond pain with John Coleman

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