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Gerry Lopez Surfboards by Naish

As far as inventory goes we go the extra mile to have what you want in the building. And if you want 2015 Naish Stand Up Paddleboards or perhaps a Naish built Gerry Lopez shaped surf board then come on down! (pictured the 2015 Naish Gerry Lopez Surfboard Line Up)

2015 Naish Hokua Raptor 128l 7' x 33"

Whether you are looking for a Naish Nalu for all around paddleboarding or the Naish Mana and Hokua designs for waveriding its likely you can check them out here at the 101 Surf Sports shop. We just received a truck load of them and they are ready to get wet.

Just to single out a few designs we are pretty stoked on the Hokua X32 in the LE Carbon Construction. With aggressive entry and progressive rocker lines these boards will rip once on the wave face. With 32" wide mid points they are comfy in the lineup on even the choppier days. While Starboard may have started the Widepoint craze these new X32 Naish have upped the game a bit with some low swing weight noses that should spin on a dime.

Looking for something totally new? Look no further than the new Naish Raptor. In stock we have the 128 liter board that specs out at 7' x 33" inches. That's right only 7 feet long! This board will totally destroy small mushy surf and once again change smaller wave surfing for ever. We chose to stock the carbon version. Why? Because carbon is better that's why!

Our excitement for the new Naish SUP's is high but the new Gerry Lopez surfboards have the whole shop a flutter. From a 9' longboard to the 6'10 Hybrid these boards have simply gorgeous lines and just have fun written all over them.

Got questions? Wanna try one? Will this aint no www internet shop so come on down and touch, lift, flex, and just plain oggle some of the nicest Stand Up Paddleboards and Surfboards San Francisco Bay will see this season.

Call us at 415-524-8492 with any questions. Pictured in the rack at bottom.(just a sample we got more!)

2015 Naish Hokua X32 9'1

2015 Naish Hokua X32 9'6

2015 Naish Nalu 10'6, 10'10, 11, 11'4

2015 Naish Raptor 7 x 33 128l

2015 Gerry Lopez 6'10, 7'4", 7'10", 9' Surf Boards

2015 Naish Glide 11

2015 Naish Alana Air Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

If you are need of some levity please check out the 2015 Naish Penetrator. ROFL. Click Here. For something more classy check out Gerry talking about his new line up.

2015 naish stand up paddleboarding

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