101 Surf Sports Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking on San Francisco Bay

SUP racing on McCovey Cove at ATT Park

It was all things Ninja and Sumo for race number four of the San Franciso Giants stand up paddleboard race on San Francisco Bay's McCovey Cove. Both the Giants and the Sumo took wins on the night. (all photos credited Ron Steinau)

While the action inside ATT Park was hot it was some cold water for Ninja Shark, Ninja Turtle and Ninja Man as Sumo Paddler came up big. While the Turtle and Shark made it to the turning mark first it was a karate chop to the head that sent both paddlers in to the drink (pictured below). Obviously Sumo had taken a full dose of chikara-mizu.


This left the door wide open for Sumo to take the lead. With one knjite to the body Sumo dispensed the Ninja Shark to the cold waters of San Francisco Bay. The paddling action may be serious but the important thing is delighting the fans. The paddling on McCovey Cove certainly leverages the iconic waterside nature of ATT Park and the extent the Giants management will go to to entertain the Giants faithful. You'll not see anything like it in any other Major League Park. A day out at the Giants game is truly a full day of family fand AND great baseball action.


HUGE PHOTO GALLERY (All photos credited to Ron Steinau)

The stand up paddleboarding on McCovey Cove is tons of fun but requires some advanced paddling skills to make it all happen. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the San Francisco Giants Paddleboard team than give a call to Cort Larned at 415-699-7979. Here is our upcoming schedule. GO GIANTS!!!

6/15: Monday vs. Seattle, 7:15

6/26: Friday vs. Colorado, 7:15 – LGBT Night

7/6: Monday vs. NY Mets, 7:15 – Firefighter Night

7/28: Tuesday vs. Milwaukee, 7:15 - Law Enforcement Night

8/11: Tuesday vs. Houston, 7:15 - Irish Heritage Night

8/26: Wednesday vs. Chicago Cubs, 7:15

9/15: Tuesday vs. Cincinnati, 7:15

9/18: Friday vs. Arizona, 7:15

9/30: Wednesday vs. Dodgers, 7:15



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