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Starboard Windsurfing Boards

We are happy to announce our new Windsurfing Demo and Rental Programs for Boards and Sails.

Starboard Windsurfing BoardsWhen you have products as good as Starboard and Severne it can only help to get people to try them out. So putting our money where our mouth is we are going to let folks do just that and take the kits to the beach and experience the performance for themselves.

Here's how the program works. First up you invest $100 in a non refundable deposit that can be applied to the purchase of any windsurfing board or sail. You have 2 months to make a decision and can try any board we have in stock. Take it to the beach for a 24 hour rental period. If you like the board then you can apply the $100 to the purchase. You can continue to try other boards in the same manner over the 2 month period as long as its in stock.

We have a huge selection of Stand Up Paddleboards that also windsurf. Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards that windsurf? Yes, and they are part of the program! Some of these "WindSUP's" as they are called make for a killer recereational family day on the water. The Starboard Freeride WindSUP is one of our favorites. Sails beautifully and makes for killer gliding paddleboard ideal for San Francisco Bays rougher waters. As for the inflatables the Naish Crossover Stand Up Paddleboard Windsurfer (pictured below) along with the Starboard WindSUP Inflatable are our favorites.

Naish Crossover Stand Up Paddleboard and Windsurfer - Its INflatable

Need a new sail? Our demo sail program works exactly the same way.

We also rent full windsurfing kits perfect for ripping up San Francisco Bay. Our rental fleet is built on the latest gear from Starboard WIndsurfing Boards and Severne Windsurfing sails. You will need your own car for traveling to the various San Francisco Bay Windsurfing locations. We do have racks that can get almost any rental car capable of carrying your boards. Rates are as follows

Severne Windsurfing Sails

Full Windsurfing Kit Rental -  $100 per day. (two sails, one board, all accessories - wetsuit not included).

Each additional day is $50. Rent for 5 days and you can use it for 7 days.

If you decide you love that rental gear then 100% of your rental fee can be applied to the purchase of gear as long as you act within 2 months of the first rental date. You can repeat this on 2 rentals up to a maximum $300 rental credit.

All Demos and Rentals must be reserved a head of time. Please call us at 415-524-8492 or email us through our contact page to get started.


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