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Stand Up Paddleboarding San Rafael

Make Lemonade. That was the order of the day for this past Saturday's Terrapin Crossroads Paddle Race with cold blustery Northwest winds setting up an unusual winter treat – a legit downwinder! (pictured the start by Brian Thomas)


The day's action was originally set up for a 13 mile long distance race from Fort Baker to Terrapin Crossroads. Unfortunately the aforementioned winds would have made that a 13 mile upwind paddle. So what to do? Turn it around and go downhill. With the drastic change in strategy we went in to scramble mode on the logistics side so thanks for everyone's extra patience. A special shout out to all the volunteers – we could not have done it with-out you. (pictured below John Walsh's expression at the finish line says it all.)


 Whole Foods Market Supports Stand up Paddleboarding

The second annual running of this race makes it two for two for December Downwinder's. Check out the paddleboard race report from last year's even windier event. With Kayaks, SUP, Prone, Outrigger and Surfski's classes invited its a diverse affair. (pictured below the fleet storms off the starting line)

 The Starting line

The 15-20mph northwest winds made course planning a tricky affair with Terrapin Crossroads now the starting point and Tiburon's Paradise Beach Park the goal some 8 miles later. Side note for all - this park truly is one the area's secret gems. If you have never been to the park then put it on your lazy day paddle picnic list for sure. The winds were coming in strong and a bit more westerly than ideal and when you pair that with a 1.4 knot flood tide going the opposite direction of the wind it was the real deal.(pictured below Quickblade team rider Charlie Banfield first to finish)



We have to hand out congratulations to all who took on this challenge. Just finishing was alone a serious feat. We did have some noteworthy paddles on the day and first up was the kayak of Priscilla Mckenney (pictured at right). Prisicilla brought her kayak home in a 1 hour 33 minute time that was good for 7th overall! Next up was SUP Connects Grom of the Year Kalia Alexiou blazing the course in just under 2 hours. Nice work! One last set of atta boys for CJ Haase who did the event on a 10'6 Prone Paddleboard – Wow! Last but certainly not least was Mara Stonefield who rocked out the whole course on a Naish One Inflateable!

To all the volunteers once again our profuse thanks. Just Add Water's Stacey Lovegren jumped in to help execute the land base logisitics. Thanks also to Sandy James & Michelle Craig for timing (coldest job of the day) and help with all the party activities. Like photos? Thanks Lucy James!(How big were the bumps? There's a bridge behind this one!)

Prone Paddleboarding on San Francisco Bay

To our boat support teams another enormous heap of thanks. "Herding Cats" is the actual job description for our water safety teamamies supports stand up paddleboardingm and they did it to perfection. Thanks to Marcel Houtzager and Mark Guelfi for the use of their Protectors. Boats that nice give the event that America's Cup feel. And of course thanks to our very own Drew Testuide of the Barabary Ghost. If this event got you jazzed up for downwinding then make sure to bookmark The Barbary Ghost Paddleboard Tour website. Special thanks as well to the San Rafael Police Boat who provided coverage over the San Rafael side of the action.

Commercial Break – Downwinding is simply awesome and nothing makes it more fun the right gear. Next year we have committed to going big in downwinding and if you are looking for gear look no further than SIC Maui. We have a huge shipment set to land early in 2014. So start your studying now – click here. With SIC, 101 Sur Sports, and Barbary Ghost teaming up its going to be an epic season of spring downwinding.

120713race1Our next set of thank yous has to go out to the sponsors. Stacy, the general manaager over at Terrapin Crossroads, made the after event one to remember. Lounging away in the plush surroundings of Terrapin Crossroads with their normal exceptional service may have spoiled us all! A delicious spread courtesy Clarke and Andrea and entire Team at Whole Foods Market San Rafael brought the warmth back to the weary and chilled fleet. Mamie's Pies was once again in the house and spreading the pumpkin and apple pie's around with love – thanks! Also a big thanks to Hint Water for keeping everyone hydrated!

Next up the January 19th Whole Foods Market Race #4. The first race of 2014 and we hope to see you all back. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR JANUARY 19th RACING

Photo Gallery

Complete Results

TIME Name craft length results
1.21.52 Charlie Banfield oc1 oc1 1st place oc1
1.23.20 Les Scanlan oc1 oc1 2nd place oc1
1.26.00 Jimmy Spithill sup 14 1st place SUP 14
1.27.00 Bojan Bernard sup 14 2nd place SUP 14
1.29.02 Ben Sarrazin sup 12'6 1st place SUP 12'6
1.30.10 Jean Rathle sup 14' 3rd place SUP 14
1.33.06 Priscilla Mckenney Kayak Kayak 1st place Kayak!!!
1.39.14 Fred Anderson sup 14
1.40.30 Igor Krtolica sup 17
1.40.50 John Walsh SUP 12'6 2nd place SUP 12'6
1.42.50 Jen Fuller sup 12'6 1st place women
1.44.16 John Alexiou sup 14
1.44.40 Rune Hoyer-Nielsen sup 14
1.49.29 Geoff James sup 14
1.50.15 Michael Melville sup Surf 1st place Surf
1.50.26 Brian Thomas prone 14 1st place prone
1.51.30 Grant Mcfadyen sup 14
1.53.05 Chris Naeve OC1 OC1 3rd place oc1
1.55.30 Kenny Hartz sup 14
1.59.16 Kalia Alexiou sup 12'6 1st place Juniors/ 4th overall 12'6
1.59.17 Brian Williams sup 12'6 3rd place mens 12'6"
1.59.18 Erik Herman SUP 14
1.59.50 Shane Rathle Sup 14 2nd place juniors
2.02.10 Kathy Winkler sup 12'6 2nd place women
2.05.30 Madeleine King SUP 12'6' 3rd place women
2.06.00 Jason Sleight SUP 14'
2.06.30 James Kelsey SUP 12'6'
2.08.40 Robert Gomez SUP 14
2.09.10 Janet Walp SUP 12'6'
2.09.10 Frank Perrott SUP 12'6
2.09.30 Trevor Baylis SUP 14
2.11.06 CJ Haase pron 10'6 2nd place prone
2.12.00 Mark Guelfi sup 14
2.13.00 Leigh Claxton sup 14
2.15.00 Randy Wrentschler sup 14
2.17.26 Steve Heyward SUP 14
2.24.00 Dave Roseland prone 14' 3rd place prone
2.25.10 Mark Craig SUP 14
2.27.30 Matt Wilson sup 11'5"
2.36.00 Mimi Towle SUP surf
2.37.00 Jim Robison sup 12'6"
2.38.30 Rick Coven prone stock 3rd place prone
2.38.45 Cary Fergus SUP 14
2.42.00 Mara Stonefield SUP 12'6" 1st place inflatable
2.45.00 Jeremy Watson prone 12'6
dnf Jess Parker sup 12'6'
dnf Emily Mathews sup 14
dnf Adrianna Baca sup 12'6

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