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We take pride in offering the largest retail selection of watercraft in Northern California, which also means we have the largest demo fleet.

Our demo program is the perfect way to help you find the right gear. We provide on-site demos of SUPs, prone paddleboards, kayaks, and surfskis. Our take-away program is stocked with fantastic equipment for you to try before making a purchase, including foil boards, wings, SUPs, prone paddleboards, surfboards, kayaks, and surfskis. Say goodbye to buyer's remorse!

Here's how the program works:

Our on-site demo program begins with a non-refundable deposit of $100. This deposit can be applied to the purchase of any SUP, prone paddleboard, kayak, or surfski in the shop. We will then take out any watercraft you wish to try and put them in the water behind the shop. There's no rush; you can take as long as you want on the water. The $100 deposit is valid for two months and can be used towards the purchase of the watercraft you decide to buy.

Our take-away demo program has varying rental rates depending on the type of equipment you choose. With each demo/take-away rental, you can apply the rental price towards your purchase, with a maximum value of two rentals applicable to your future purchase. 

Take-away SUPs, prone paddleboards, and kayaks, are available for $125 for a 24-hour rental.

Take-away foil boards, foils, and wings have different pricing structures:

Wing only is $100 for a 24-hour rental.Foil board only is $100 for a 24-hour rental.

Wing and board together are $200 for a 24-hour rental

Wing, foil, and board together are $225 for a 24-hour rental.

 Foam surfboard is $15 for a 24-hour rental.

Premium surfboard is $50 for a 24-hour rental.

Wetsuits can be rented for $20 for a 24-hour period

Leashes, cam straps, paddles, pfds, and foam blocks are included with each rental.

No need to RSVP; just come on down. Every day is a demo day at 101 Surf Sports. With our expert guidance and extensive inventory, you'll be well-equipped!

Boat & Board Rentals

Our Stand Up Paddleboard, Kayak, and Surfksi Rentals are back online.

Please reserve online to ensure your stuff is here.

Gear can also be taken offsite however you need to call us to do so as offsite reservations can not be made online.  

Single Kayak Rentals

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