Free Spring Water Sports Swap Meet Set for April 1st.

Our free annual Spring Water Sports Swap Meet is set for Saturday, April 1st and that's no joke.

Every year we hold two free Swap Meets for anyone in the community to sell of any used or just unwanted gear. As always there is no charge for the Swap so you can come on down and sell any equipment you would like. We do ask that you keep it water sports related. Used Kayaks, Foiling gear you have outgrown, or that old surfboard you just don't use anymore. Make some space in your garage while making a little extra cash or score a deal on the gear you need to make this the best summer ever. 

Sell you used paddle or wind sports gear at our free Swap Meet

Here's how it works. There is no RSVP needed. Sellers can come down early and we will have spots set aside for you to lay your gear out in our parking lot and anywhere we can find space. All spaces are first come first served. We do recommend that you bring something soft like a towel or a tarp to set your gear on. We do have supplies of tarps but sometimes the Swap meet can be so well attended we run out. Also bring a hat, sunscreen, and some water to drink. Sellers can arrive at 8 am to get set up. 

Buyers can start arriving at 9 am and we do ask that you bring change and small bills as we can not accommodate all the change needed to make your deals happen. You usually find a lot of SUP and Kayak gear alongside a good selection of windsurfing and kiteboard gear. We anticipate this year will see quite a lot of Wing Foiling and Foiling gear in general. The Swap Meet wraps up a 1 pm.

San Francisco Board Sailing AssociationThis year's Swap will also serve as an opening day celebration hosted by the San Francisco Board Sailing Association aka the SFBA. The SFBA has been active for over 30 years in protecting and expanding access to the bay to do the water sports we love. Ever been to Crissy Field? Well the SFBA was instrumental in guiding the National Parks to design and maintain Crissy as one of the area's crown jewels. Please do consider joining the SFBA and you to can help protect and expand access throughout The Bay. For more on the SFBA Click Here.

If you have any questions about the upcoming Swap meet please call us at 415-524-8492.

We also host a fall swap meet which this year will be on Saturday, September 23rd. 

Thanks and see you there. 


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