Infinity Stand Up Paddleboards at 101 Surf Sports

We work hard to make sure we can offer the best products to our customers. Being the best however is not enough.

The brands we represent must also represent the same values and ideals we do. With that said we are proud to be bringing Infinty in to our business. Founded in 2004 by Steve Boehne the company is laser focused on what they do. Makeing the best boards possible. Boards that litteraly make riders better but maybe more importantly increase the fun factor for everyone who rides them. 


When we say focused we mean it. Don't look for yoga boards or fishing models - you won't find them. What you will find is the higest performance race and surf designs they can make. They love what they do and it shows. (pictured above Candice Appleby pacing the Infinity Blackfish)

One of the major differences, beyond the passion for design, is the effort put in to construction. While many Stand Up Paddleboards look the same on the outside the biggest variable in quality can be what's on the inside. Infinity makes their high end boards at the worlds best factory - Kinetic. Kinetic is run by Frank and Eric Chen in Vietnam and we have known for years that Kinetic is simply superior to any other factory out there. While many kitchens are the same its the chefs that make all the difference. If you were handing out Michelin stars the Chen's would be three stars a couple times over.

Dave and Steve Boehne

The Infinity brand is a family affair. While Steve is the patriarch a lot of the passion is flowing directly from his sons Dan & Dave. Dan & Dave not only assist in the business they ride the boards and ride them hard. In fact Dave was part of the ISA SUP team that won the 2015 Gold Medal. When you add in team riders Candice Appleby, Slater Trout, and Giorgio Gomez you have a solid feedback loop that ensures an iterative product development process that is continuously improving.(pictured at right Dave and Steve Boehne) 

We are stoked to be adding Infinity in to our line up. With Starboard, Jimmy Lewis, Naish, and SIC Maui making up the bulk of our inventory you can find the best boards on the planet, made by the nicest folks we know right here in San Rafael. (pictured below the Infinity International Team)

You can see the entire Infinity Stand Up Paddleboard Line Here



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