Learn how to windsurf with 101 Surf Sports

We are ready to kick off the next three rounds of our Semignar series and it’s time to tackle the ways of the wind.

One of the foundational concepts of 101 Surf Sports was the swiss army knife philosophy of board sports. Use the right blade for the job. No wind - paddleboard. Windy - Windsurf of Kiteboard. Pretty simple right? Well not so much.

While paddleboarding is in fact simple to learn, and requires minimal gear Kiteboarding and Windsurfing take a little more effort. Where there is effort there is reward.

Our Semingars are free informal get togethers that do a deep dive in to a single topic, in a bi-directional roundtable format.

Learn to kiteboard with 101 Surf Sports

We encourage not only beginners, but hope that those experienced in their sport will come be part of the evening. By supporting your sport you’ll make connections with folks, while helping educate the community.

So with that we announce our next 3 Semignar Topics. The Semignars are always free and you are welcome to bring a small snack offering for a little potluck snack action. So grab a friend and come on down.

No RSPV Required just bring it. Showing up late is no problem – just just jump in. With that said we do start promptly at 7pm.

Thursday June 1st 7pm – “Windsurfing – What’s it take to get Windsurfing”. We’ll rig a sail together to teach proper rigging and derigging. We’ll talk about the gear, the terminology, the safety issues, and the costs. We’ll do some dry land practice to get you on the path to learning to windsurf. This will be a fun night filled with tons of information all about windsurfing. We’ll even have some special guests, and even a World Windsurfing Champion in attendance. More Information 

Thursday July 6th 7pm – “Kiteboarding – What’s it take to get Kiteboarding”. We’ll rig a kite together to teach proper rigging and derigging. We’ll talk about the gear, the terminology, the safety issues, and the costs. We’ll do some dry land practice to get you on the path to learning to Kiteboard. All in all an homage to the kite. We’ll even dabble a bit on learning to fly…..errrr foil. More Information

Epic Kayaks at 101 Surf Sports

Thursday August 3rd 7pm – “Surfski Paddling – How to get on the fastest paddle craft on the water”. We’ll take our time to talk about all the in’s and outs of what really is just a super-fast Kayak. Take one downwinding and you just may never look back. Our new V7 Epic Surfski is literally something anyone who can kayak can enjoy. All attendee’s will get a coupon good for a free 1 hour Surfski Rental with Carbon Epic Wing Paddle. And did I mention the special guests again – and this time they are real special. More Information

As an enhanced feature of these sessions we will be offering some very special buying opportunities to attendees. These will be one-time day-of offers that will be simply scintillating.

Come be part of something new and bring your friends, dogs, kids, whatever! It will be Semi-Gnarly for sure.

Gnarly Learning

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