V-Drive Outrigger Paddle

We are so confident that the new Quickblade V-Drive outrigger paddle is such a leap forward in paddle performance we have invested in a couple of paddles for you to try and to try for free.

The V-drive design is the brain child of Dave Kalama and Jim Terrel. It has quite simply taken the Stand Up Paddleboard world by storm. Dominating races around the globe and setting off a slew of copy cat paddles.

But why listen to us - come try it. First just call ahead to make sure the paddles (we have 2 50" paddles) are ready to use. You can take them offsite for 24 hours. Please do not race them. They are meant to be tested not raced as racing can put undue wear and tear on the paddle.

Quickblade V-Drive Outrigger Paddle for demo for free

Right out of the gate you will notice the smoothest catch in the business. Once the paddle is anchored it is nearly flutter free due to the dual dihedral design. The paddle can be had in full carbon or double bend hybrid constructions. Our demo paddles are the wood double bend versions and are cut to 50". All members of any canoe clubs can receive a 5% discount. Outfitting of entire boats/teams is also an option.

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