Team quickblade stand up paddling stops by 101 Surf Sports

We were blessed with the impromptu visit of a team Quickbladers, Jim Terrell, Jonas Leteiri, and Chris Aguilar for a quick night of some pau hana with a side of inspiration.

101 north brewing supports the paddle sports so drink their beer!If you never met a company with soul then dial in to Quickblade Paddles. Owner Jim Terrell has been pushing the envelope on paddle design for many years and now he has lent his talent to aiding adaptive paddlers with our own 101 Team Member Tom Nadzam being one of the fortunate benefactors of his work. After a world wind trip down to Quickblades Costa Mesa Headquarters for a sizing Jim got hard to work building Tom a special paddle. One look at the paddle and you can see the countless hours of labor the Quickblade team put in to what in our eyes is a work of art. We call her ‘Prince’. Prince is the v-drive paddle at top while Jonas's Trifecta is just below. 

Quickblade v-drive and trifecta

extreme pizza supports paddlesports

So when Tom found out Jonas Leteiri was in town he had the idea to get everyone together for meet and greet. Enter 101 North Brewing Company who donated the beer and to our friends at Extreme Pizza who set us up with some discounted pie’s to feed the hungry crew. If you aren’t familiar with Jonas story than check it out in the video below.

The evening was punctuated with some prayer for friends Ryan Weidenmiller and Charlie Banfield who are both engaged in a bit of a battle of their own.

The banter quickly turned (pun intended) to the Trifecta or V-drive debate with the floor split on who liked which better and why. We were given a glimpse of of a new construction technique using a TPL topsheet to bring paddle cost down and durability up. That's a nice combination.

We closed the night up with a big thanks to all who came and once again have to give gratis to 101 North Brewing Company and Extreme Pizza. But our biggest thanks goes to the Quickblade team. We’ll update their slogan a bit - Go Fast, Train Hard, Have fun……….and Do Good. The team at Quickblade is leading from the front.

Jonas Leteiri and Tom Nadzam

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