Lightest windsurfing rig ever!

We have to admit when we first saw the Arrows iRig the first thing that came to mind was 'pool toy.' We could not have been more wrong.

One of the biggest barriers to learning to windsurf is the sheer strength required to get the sail out of the water. The move is known as 'uphauling'. Due to the weight of the gear, and the fact that is usually half way underwater, it can take a bit of strength and balance to get started. Well the Arrows iRig changes all that and in a big way. 'Game Changer' is not an over statement.

Inflatable windsurfing rig for san francisco bay

The Arrows iRig is a fully inflatable windsurfing rig. The rig takes up almost no space when deflated - about the size of a medium pizza. Add 8lbs of air pressure, which takes about 90 seconds to do and you are ready to go. The iRig floats effortlessly on the surface and takes very little effort to get it going. The surprising part is how well it works when it is up and sailing. We found the rig to be plenty responsive to steer any windsurfing board, or larger WindSUP.  We were even able to pump the rig to provide propulsion when the wind was super light.

We are looking forward to testing the iRig when it's windy and see just what the outside performance limits are. We'll be sure to write back soon. In the meantime if you are looking for the perfect weekend sailing session with minimal hassle then this thing is legit.

We initially thought the iRig would be more focused on the learning side of the sport. However after sailing the rig we can say this thing is fun to sail and would be a great tool for any windsurfer looking for a portable solution to get out on the water. If you have a Stand Up Paddleboard that has the capability to windsurf its almost a crime not to own one. 

The iRig comes in three sizes Small, Medium, and Large. The sizing largely drives the boom height and handle locations. Pricing starts at $449. That's a whole lot of fun for not a whole lot of money. Windsurfing gear of the year winner as far as we are concerned.


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