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San rafael bald eagle

Our morning training paddleboard group was treated to a rare sight this past Sunday morning (Feb 21) - a Marin County Bald Eagle! (photo above is not of the actual bird)

As the group of usual suspects rounded the Marin Islands we pulled up for an uncharacteristic chat session. With a nice tide pushing us around the corner we stopped to talk about the days prior Diamond Ring Miracle find. More on that another time. As we did one of our paddlers looked up in the tree and says simply "Bald Eagle". And there it was majestically perched in the naked limb of a large pine tree. This is one big bird. It literaly looked like a small child sitting in the tree. We were still on the drift of the tide and just allowed the tide to carry us on by.

It was a pretty special sighting. As a life long resident of the area I have never heard of any sightings; so to see one so perfectly framed with Mt. Tamalpais in the background was actually somewhat iconic. We can only hope it is a sign of resurgence, and that seeing them becomes the new normal.

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