A quiver of Modern Blackbirds in PU

The one nice thing about buying surfboards for the shop is that never have so many brands put out so many quality shapes at such great prices. Since we can literally take our pick of the litter for our value boards we know you'll be as stoked on Modern Surfboards as we are. (pictured a quiver of Modern Blackbird in PU)

The Modern line is pretty simple but 3 of the models are the ones we feel are best for the Nor Cal wave scene.On the longboard side of the things the Modern Blackbird fits the bill. While Modern calls it a funboard its full outline and ample volumes really scream performance longboard. In the clear boards, in PU construction, the boards run 9'1" ($625), 8'($540). 7'6"($510), and 7'($480) . They come with FCS 2 boxes (7' & 7'6" models are thruster while larger models are single fin),Glass fins and a healthy stringer. This is a great deal for a well made board. We recommend throwing an extra $20-$50 in the ring and you'll get a gorgeously painted board.

A Modern Black Fish on the bottom turn

The Modern Love Child

Looking for somehing more aggressive? Then take a gander at the Modern Black Fish surfboard. The fish design like it was meant to be. A very versatile board that will allow you to ride mushier waves but still stay short on the waterline. The extra rocker in the tail lets the board ride steeper waves as well as long as you get to the back a bit faster.

If funboard is your thing than be sure to check out the Love Child. This full nose funboard design is the current rage across many brands. The more longboard nose on the tighter funboard back end makes for a wave catching machine that still whips like a smaller board.

While the boards can be purchased in various constructions with the X1 and X2 builds coming in with ever lower prices the prices on these Polyester (PU) boards is the way to go. It's simply worth every penny to make the step up and get the feel and performance of a PU Board.

We try to stay stocked on all these models, in all sizes, and to keep a nice color variety on hand as well. We simply think the represent the best value surfboard on the market. Come on in and benefit from all our homework.

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