2016 Starboard Hypernut

Starboard has never shied away from innovation - it's part of the brands culture. A quick look at this years 2016 line up shows the spirt of innovation is alive and well.

Starboard hypernut bottom

One of the best parts of working at the shop is seeing all the new gear come in. Recent arrivals include the 2016 All Star 12'6 x 25 Carbon,  Starboard 14 x 28 hybrid carbon, Starboard Hypernut 8'8 (check out the tail channel pictured at right), iSonic 124 Slalom Windsurfer, 2016 Starboard Atlas Extra and Avanti. We expect a lot more new 2016 boards showing up before the year is out. 

One product that stands out is Starboards new inflatable planing windsurfer. The Starboard Airplane. While we have not had the chance to try one, the idea seems just radical enough to really work. One of the challenges of inflatable water sports products is maintaing a stiff riding surface.

Starboard Airplane Inflatable Windsurfer

The benefit of the windsurfing appliaction is that once planing the water surface provides a lot more structure than when sub planing. Watch the video to learn more.

Innovation can be infectious and we think the guys at Arrow Inflatable Windsurfing Rigs have the disease bad.

Arrows inflatable windsurfing rig.

For 2016 they are rolling out the first ever completely inflatable windsurfing rig. No hard mast or booms - just air! We have ordered these for the 2016 season sight unseen. While we again can't speak to the performance it seems these rigs could be the perfect solution for learning windsurfing or enjoying boardsailing on todays new WindSUP boards.

Arrows inflatable windsurfing rig.

More cool stuff to come - stay tuned.


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