Earth Day kayak and paddleboard clean up

Our fourth annual Earth Day San Rafael Canal clean up was met by hearty paddlers willing to tackle the back end of a passing frontal system. 

sanrafaelcleanWith such a dry winter the Friday night rains were a welcome relief. The consequence of the passing system however was a blustery cold Saturday morning across San Francisco Bay. The 101 family however is a hearty one and it was about 30 paddlers who were up for the challenge. The kayak was the prefered vehicle on the day but about 10 paddlers mounted up on Stand Up Paddleboards with trash pickers in hand. Over the years we have hosted about 20 similiar clean up efforts and it's been nice to notice an ever shrinking bounty of trash.While the war is not won it's nice to see some battle victories.

Marin Sanitary helps clean up the San Rafael Canal. A special thanks has to go out to the City of San Rafael Clean Coalition. A forward looking program sponsored by the city to mobilize its citizens working towards keeping our city clean. The City provided all the trash bags & gloves to keep all the paddlers safe while they cleaned. Also a shout out to Marin Sanitary Service who lets us dump the cleaned up trash at no charge! There motto is Conservation - our earth, our, our mission, our job - nice to see it backed up with action.

Thanks as well to all the paddlers who pitched in to help make San Rafael a cleaner place. We'll have 3-4 more clean ups this year so sign up for our newsletter and you'll be in the loop. All our clean up efforts allow the paddlers willing to help to paddle kayaks and stand up paddleboards from our rental stand up paddleboard fleet. This years haul weighed in at just under 250lbs. NICE WORK!

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