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Dinner and Movie at 101 Surf Sports

When can Dinner and a Movie Change your life? Come to 101 Surf Sports on July 11th or August 8th and find out. The movie is free and a healthy dinner is only $10 go with it!

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If you missed movie number one - Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, then worry not as we have two more movies in our Three Part Series on tap. The series of movies is being brought to you by Whole Foods Market San Rafael whose commitment to healthy eating and its connection to a healthy life is part of their passion.Join Whole Foods Market San Rafael's Healthy Eating Specialist as we explore some of the most pressing issues facing American's today, and how to inspire positive change for a sustainable lifestyle.

Attending the movie is free but if you feel those hunger pangs knocking then a healthy dinner, themed alongside that nights movie, will be offered up for only $10. Thirsty? Well then wash down that meal with some Hint Water. Hint Water is sponsoring the event with all the free Hint you can drink. Drink Water - Not Sugar. Thanks Hint!

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Next up in the series is Food Matters - You are what you eat. Learn more and watch a trailer - click here.  The movie follows a gentleman who about 6 years ago was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression and Anxiety. The best the medical profession could offer was a cocktail of medications to treat the symptoms and little in the way of hope for treating the underlying causes. Not surprisingly his health continued to decline. Join us on July 11th at 6pm to learn more.

The third and final movie in the series, Food Inc, examines the industrial production of meat (chicken, beef, and pork), calling it inhumane and economically and environmentally unsustainable. The film examines the industrial production of grains and vegetables (primarily corn and soy beans), again labeling this economically and environmentally unsustainable. The film's third and final segment is about the economic and legal power, such as food labelling regulations of the major food companies, the profits of which are based on supplying cheap but contaminated food, the heavy use of petroleum-based chemicals (largely pesticides and fertilizers), and the promotion of unhealthy food consumption habits by the American public. It shows companies like Wal-Mart transitioning towards organic foods as that industry is booming in the recent health movement. Learn more and watch a trailer click here. The movie starts August 8th at 6pm.



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