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Slalom Windsurfing On San Francsico Bay

With the steady winds of San Francisco Bay it's a mystery as to why Slalom Windsurfing hasn't totally exploded - yet! The reason is simple - its hard to pull off with conditions needing to be just right and someone with the infrastucture to set up a good course - enter St. Francis Yacht Club.

The St. Francis has been a long time supporter of Windsurfing and they are taking it up to another level this year by putting Slalom Windsurfing on the menu and here's how it works. Leveraging the existing Formula windsurfing fleet and schedule the club has defined some downwind slalom racing format to be run on windy Friday nights in lieu of the normal upwind, downwind courses, the formula boards usually sail.

The schedule is June 13 & 27, July 11 & 25, August 8 & 22, September 5 & 19

Volunteers are needed to help run the events so please pitch in as we guarantee this is some fun action to watch. Volunteering entails setting 2 marks and remaining on station on one of the YC's boats just off Anita Rock for approximately 1 hour. 5 races are run each evening, starting at 5:30 with each racer lasting 3-4 minutes. It's a quick format and you should be off the water by 6:30 at the latest. You will allowed gues access to the St. Francis Yacht Club as a guest as part of your payback for helping. Please sign up on the Google Group listed below in order to be in the loop on volunteering or racing.

https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!forum/san-francisco-slalom-racing (sign up link for race notifications and volunteer calls)

No experience is required. If you've got a pfd and foulies bring them, otherwise, the club has some to borrow.

Volunteers are to confirm via the forum or email if they can make it and report to the StFYC dock near the cranes by 4:45.

A decision will be made the day before the race and if conditions look favorable, slalom will be an option for racing that evening.

Please join the group if you'd like to stay in the loop on when racing will take place or would like to volunteer



Below is additional info.

The Drop-In registration is available here:


The course information (look for Course "S") is available here:


The General Friday night series information, results, etc. are here:




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